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About Executive Chef Barbara Pollastrini

Chef Barbara was born in Rome and raised by her mother who taught her to use fewer ingredients but of the utmost quality, beautifully presented. Barbara developed this philosophy at Cordon Bleu where she refined her cooking further to reflect the marriage of art and food preparation. When she landed in Los Angeles in 2005 these skills secured her positions as food stylist for the Food Network as well as major Hollywood productions like "Star Trek" and "The Hunger Games" as well as cooking for the Hollywood elite like Dustin Hoffman and Oprah Winfrey. Barbara has won numerous awards as food stylist for films such as “He’s Just Not That Into You”, “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, “The Muppets” and was a contestant on the Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen.” 

Reinventing the classic Italian hero by day and serving traditional Italian cuisine from award-winning Roman Chef Barbara Pollastrini by night.  

Heroic Deli & Wine Bar offers a unique gastronomic and oenological experience of Italian fare and carefully selected high-quality wines from California and Italy all rated 90+ points as well as a premium wine list featuring only wines ranked 95 and above.

The name Heroic is suggestive of both the signature “Hero” sandwiches served on the Deli side as well as the “Heroic” ambitions of the kitchen on the wine bar side.

Having been named one of the 40 Ambasciatori del Gusto (Ambassador of Taste) in the world, and the only chef based in the United States to be named to the list filled with numerous chefs with Michelin-star rated restaurants, Heroic offers the best in authentic Italian cuisine.

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11am to 9pm: Tuesday to Saturday
11am to 7pm: Sunday and Monday

Wine Bar
5pm to 10pm: Tuesday - Saturday
(last food orders at 9pm)

Happy Hour
3pm to 7pm: - Seven days a week!  

Weekend Brunch
11am to 3pm (Saturday and Sunday)


About Heroic Deli and Wine Bar

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Our pursuit for the perfect Italian sandwich was the catalyst for creating Heroic.  With Xtreme Foodies founder Jeffrey Merrihue traveling the world experiencing the best restaurants on the planet, combined with Chef Barbara Pollastrini’s classic Italian culinary background, we’ve found the right recipe of bringing the best tastes of Italy to Los Angeles.  Our proprietary Italian bread is baked each morning and toasted upon ordering, resulting in that signature crisp sound with every bite. Filled with flavorful meats and cheeses imported from Italy, our arsenal of fresh Italian deli sandwiches is tough to beat in Los Angeles.  Whether it’s the OMG, bursting with Italian prosciutto, salame, capocollo, mortadella, porchetta, and black summer truffles, or the Vegan, brimming with the freshest produce from California, all served on our signature Italian bread – we are confident you’ll be calling us your sandwich hero. 

Also, we recognize not everyone loves or can eat gluten.  So we are also proud to offer gluten-free sandwiches and the most spectacular salads.
Heroic salads are made with fresh, organic ingredients including iceberg, spinach and, arugula across six epic salads. Additions of tuna, chicken, bacon and Gorgonzola are top quality. Our "add chicken" option, for example, is made with organic chickens whose meat we then lightly poach in white wine to for a moist and juicy protein. The fresh tuna is pan-seared daily. Fresh russet Potato chips are ultra-thinly sliced, seasoned with rosemary salt and prepared every two hours to perfectly complement your sandwich or salad. 
The final touch for heat lovers is our signature spicy sauce. Executive Chef Barbara grinds up Calabrian chile with garlic and olive oil to add punch for thrill seekers. People keep asking us, “When are you going to bottle your sauce and sell it already?!”
Our sandwiches and salads in Heroic Deli are a mere sample to the robust Italian flavors that are created each evening in the Heroic Wine Bar. Chef Barbara really lets her frosted-tipped blonde (sometimes pink) hair down and offers the finest tastes of Rome, Italy. The menu features traditional Italian recipes with modern twists provided by the cornucopia of fresh produce sourced from local Southern California farms, the meats from Central Coast and the stunning seafood from Santa Barbara. Chef Barb's obsession with ingredients extends to the finest imported Olive Oil from Italy and exotic rock salt from Sicily.  Having been named one of the 40 Ambasciatori del Gusto (Ambassador of Taste) in the world, and the only chef based in the United States to be named to the list filled with numerous chefs with Michelin-star rated restaurants, Heroic offers the best in authentic Italian cuisine.  
Heroic Deli and Wine Bar is a family run business open from 11am to 9pm on Tuesday to Saturday with Happy Hour from 3 to 7pm.  The Deli is open for lunch on Sunday and Monday from 11am to 3pm. Weekend Brunch is served from 10am to 3pm. Overlooking the wine tasting and dining room is the intimate private “Segreta” dining room perfect for groups up to 12.